Imagine…..The World of the Aphantasiac

Imagine…..The World of the Aphantasiac People take so many things for granted. Close your eyes and picture your favorite memory. Maybe a lovely white sand beach complete with palm trees swaying in the breeze, and undulating ocean waves. Or perhaps a shiny new metallic red Mustang convertible. How about the image of a loved one, … Read more

Does Infrared Light Therapy Really Work?

Does Infrared Light Therapy Really Work? The jury seems to still be out regarding the efficacy of infrared light therapy, so I not only gave it a try but researched it. I have a chronic bad back and acid reflux so made an appointment with my acupuncturist and had her try the light. I believe … Read more

Alpacas and Hobby Farmers – A Perfect Fit

Alpacas and Hobby Farmers – A Perfect Fit When Peter and Lenie Johnson semi-retired and moved to thirteen acres on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada their idea was to operate a small hobby farm. Something to keep them relatively busy, after many  years of constant hard work and long hours, yet not so busy that they … Read more

Children – Hilarious and Uninhibited

Hilarious and Uninhibited – Kid Quotes I consider myself very fortunate to be blessed with young grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and cousins who never fail to provide me with uncensored, straight from the heart entertainment. Nothing quite compares to their spontaneity and innocent truth. 1. Not to be indelicate but the subject of bodily functions seems … Read more

The Fascinating Story of Contadora Island

The Fascinating Story of Contadora Island Panama is surrounded by countless stunning islands which add to her allure. But none are as steeped in history or have the curious mystique of Contadora Island, located fifty miles off the coast. The eleventh largest island contained in the archipelago of the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of … Read more

“I Kill for Fun” – Pedro Rodrigues Filho

“I Kill for Fun” – The Story of Pedro Rodrigues Filho Pulse pounding, heart racing, the handsome eighteen-year-old Brazilian strolled calmly into the visiting room of the prison in Mogi das Cruzes, Greater Sao Paolo to visit his father who was incarcerated there. Kaleidoscopic images flashed through his mind. His father was a volatile and … Read more

Are There Better Ways To Prevent / Cure Cancer?

Some Natural Ways to Prevent or Even Cure Cancer Before I get into the drugs versus foods and supplements portion of this article I would like to address the surprising fact that many people have cancer cells in their bodies that never progress to actual cancer. Believe it or not there are common foods that … Read more

A Monkey On My Back

A Monkey On My Back – A Trip to Alouatta Sanctuary Residing in Panama for part of each year, my husband and I have explored this small country virtually from end to end, allowing us the privilege of experiencing a myriad of new adventures. One of the most memorable for me was our trip to … Read more

Making an Ex-Pat Destination Choice

San Miguel de Allende or Panama…? After residing in Panama for six months each year for eleven years I now find myself at a crossroads. Due to sad and unforeseen circumstances I was forced to sell my home there and return to Canada. However, the winters have not become any warmer there and prices are … Read more

A Trailblazer In Costa Rica

A Trailblazer In Costa Rica Usually when hearing the words “pioneer” and “frontier” the 1800’s homesteaders come to mind. However this is not always the case. There are modern day pioneers throughout untouched frontiers in many different countries. Karen Davies is a prime example and her experiences when moving from Oregon, USA to Costa Rica … Read more